Don't be left out. Support your HEB TRF EREY TEAM! As of 4/10/09 over 75% of our members have now qualified as 2008-2009 TRF Sustaining Members!!! With everyone's support our HEB Rotary club has a good chance to again achieve the distinction of being an EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) club helping make the world a better place for mankind. For our EREY members click:
2008-2009 Rotary Foundation Sustaining Members as of 4/15/08
Neil Adams
Jim Ames
Bill Anthony
Ardis Bell
David Booe
Bob Bouse
John Brown
Aileen Curtin
Jim Dunning
Bill Ellis
Ron Estill
Rita Frick
Loretta Getchell
Dale Harwell
Allan Heindel
Diane Hildreth
Kent Hopkins
Jeff Jones
Georgia Kidwell
Chris Lane
Bub Liles
Sid Lorio
Paul Lucas
Billie Lynn
Robert Lynn
Carl Marling
Bill McLendon
Audie McQuaid
Charles Miller
Steve Moore
J B Morgan
Guillermo Olarte
David Osborne
Walter Ott
Tony Rader
Keith Riewe
Mike Robbins
Charlie Runnels
Andrea Sanders
Gary Short
Todd Smith
Jo Svochak
Blease Tibbets
Anita Thetford
Allan Weegar
Jason Williams
Chris Yiantsou