HEBROTARY.org is a full function site which is designed for easy access by both casual viewers and casual information contributors. Just about annyone can become a productive user with just a short orientation. The primary goal of the Webmaster is to gradually show members how beneficial the site can be as a means of communication.
The following folks have been regular users of our site over the last year:
Program Chair Jo Svochak can attest to how easy it has been for her to directly post the schedule for upcoming programs. Executive Secretary Becky Eden has been maintaining an online directory of our club available in the secure section. Rita Frick is maintaining an archive of the past Rotary Wheels for your reference in the PRs section. And I have found that it just takes a few minutes to generate a news article for display on the site or to punch a button and have a bulletin generated and distributed automatically. Club Runner makes it easy to share the opportunity to post information and therefore the webmaster does not have to be a bottleneck doing all the postings. He can now be free to have fun exploring other neat features of the platform. Please contact Paul Lucas if you are interested in learning more about using our HEBRotary.org Club Runner site.