Some clubs use Red Badges and some use Red Tags during the new member orientation period. The attached poem was written by Terry Sutton a new member of the Mid-Cities Pacesetters (and former Pastor) on his experience as a new member.
My name is Terry, my mom is Madge,

I have a red tag on my Badge

To get the Red off is no small feat

I'd have to attend a Boring meet (Board Meeting)

The leaders gathered around the table

You all should be there if you're able.

I obediently went 'cause I am new

There I became this club's C-DOO.

Not the kind that skims the water

That is fun ... this is harder.

This the point person for disaster

It's something A kin to bing a Pester (Pastor).

I was proud to do it - just to brag.

Then Bill said "Terry, you've got to be in DRRAG".

But, Bill, I said, I'll be depressed

I don't own a disaster dress.

Not that kind of DRRAG you silly dupe

DRRAG is Disaster Relief Rotary Action Group!

By joining this and working together

We help those in disaster do a whole lot better.

Now I'm on a committee working out a plan

We'll let you know how to lend a hand

My time and talents, I will invest

Now get this red tag off my Chest!