Posted by JPL on Feb 18, 2018

 Feb 15, 2018 Our Global Scholar Lauren Baldwin met with Committee Contacts Paul Lucas and Walter Ott for a final recap of her Global Scholarship. Since her scholarship began in November 2016, Lauren has completed several classes for her masters. As of Jan 2018 she has 3 classes left + dissertation. Since May 2016 she completed 5 classes: 1) Social and Political Issues in Development, 2) Governance and Public Administration, 3) Policy Analysis and Process, 4) Leading and Managing Organizational Change, 5) Strategic Planning.


Lauren also successfully organized and helped implement a $3,000 project in coordination with Akola through the scholarship. The project had direct impact on Akola's business team, especially its manufacturing workshop, in three areas:

-Construction of a dedicated inventory space for the Horn & Bone workshop led to process improvements, including safer handling of materials
-Provision of laptops for national staff members increased staff capacity and productivity 
-Installation of an extraction machine reduced dust in the Horn & Bone workshop, allowing for greater workplace wellness and member safety